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Situated beautifully on the coast – Tromsø offers both vibrant nightlife and great shopping.


Explore the shopping in Luleå

A trip to Luleå offers both culture, great food and constantly evolving shopping – a great place to spend the weekend!



Bring and best come together to offer airfreight across the borders in the north – a great opportunity when time is of the essence.



Oulu-Tromsø mon tue wed thu fri sat sun Arr LLA Arr TOS
v 41 08:25 08:25 08:25 08:05 09:45
v 43 11:40 11:20 13:00
v 43 12:05 11:45 13:25
Tromsø-Oulu mon tue wed thu fri sat sun Arr LLA Arr OUL
v 42 10:15 10:15 10:15 11:35 13:35
v 44 16:30 16:30 17:50 19:50
Luleå-Tromsø mon tue wed thu fri sat sun Arr TOS
v 41 08:25 08:25 08:25 09:45
v 43 11:40 13:00
v 43 12:05 13:25
Tromsø-Luleå mon tue wed thu fri sat sun Arr LLA
v 42 10:15 10:15 10:15 11:35
v 44 16:30 16:30 17:50

Extreme challenges with amazing views

Kirjoitettu 16 July, 2016

Are you one of those people who dedicate your summer to getting fit? Or would you like to try something completely different when it comes to physical challenges? Then you need to head to Tromsø August 5th–6th.

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Explore the next key steps and future industry solutions in Industry Summit 2016 in Oulu

Kirjoitettu 5 July, 2016

There are annually over 500 entities, experts and power players present. Be there and ensure exploiting sustainable advantage of the Northern European investments. Process the future megatrend knowledge shared by the experts of construction and energy sectors. Expand your networks beyond your branch focus and finally select the best new practices for your business.   … Läs mer

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Four days of festivities during Luleå Harbour Festival

Kirjoitettu 24 June, 2016

If you’re up for a great summer party – Luleå is the place to go. Hamnfestivalen, the Harbour Festival, is free fun July 13th–16th. The hole city is literally vibrating and you are invited.

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